Do you worry about what products you should use on your baby’s skin?
So do we!

Frenched owned, crated by a community of passionate experts from different backgrounds who have shared secrets passed down by their mothers and grandmothers, bébé nature prides itself on providing parents with environmentally friendly, natural baby products which are highly effective and safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Our unique products have been specially formulated to ensure your baby’s skin remains protected, irritation free, soft and smooth. We know that newborns and toddlers need gentle, chemical-free products to protect their delicate young skin and we are passionate and serious about giving parents a clear conscience.


Using the finest natural ingredients
sourced from around the world


We also bring peace of mind
to eco-conscious parents.

We have used what nature has to offer, but we also give back.
Our baby wipes are biodegradable, made of 100% viscose and most of our product packaging is made of 100% sugarcane. We also use innovative seed paper packaging, that can be reused to grow plants. Our innovative product range provides all-around care for your baby and includes soap, head to toe wash, baby oil, wipes and diaper rash cream.

We are parents and we understand the fears you have when it comes to your baby’s health. Our products have been designed according to European standards. Our products are high quality, affordable and healthy for mother and baby.


We use natural ingredients
which are safe and effective.


We are natural.

Our products smell good! Natural products can have unusual odour but our unique blend of ingredients have been carefully hand-picked to ensure your baby’s skin smells great at all times. Our products are chemical-free and non toxic.