Why Choose Natural Skin Care Products

1. The Skin – Body Connection
The substances you put onto your skin find their way into your body. If you think about it, people who want to stop smoking wear nicotine patches and menopausal women are routinely prescribed hormone patches.
This means you are potentially exposing your body to a whole range of chemical substances without fully understanding the effects they could have on your body.

2. Fewer Fillers
Shop bought products are packed with ‘filler’ ingredients that are of no value to your skin, such as parabens, colorants, artificial fragrances, emulsifiers and oils derived from petrochemicals.
They are added to make the product look and smell more appealing and yet some reports suggest that some of these chemicals may also be found in motor engine degreaser and anti-freeze.
The best natural skin care products, especially those you make yourself at home, use plant emulsifiers and essential oils instead of synthetic ones.

3. More Active Ingredients
Natural skin care brands contain, on average 80 -90% active ingredients compared to high street brands, which may contain less than 10%.
Active ingredients are what count in skin care products as they contain the ingredients that make a product work.

4. Non-Allergenic
Many people with sensitive skin find they cannot tolerate shop bought products and even people with normal skin type may find that they break out in a rash or spots when they try out a new product.
This is most often caused by a reaction to harsh chemicals in the products.
Although it is possible to be allergic to some natural ingredients – nuts and strawberries are two that come to mind – it is easier to identify what may cause your skin to react if you can fully understand the ingredient list on your product or have made it yourself.

5. Organic
Organic products are made using ingredients that have been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making them better for our bodies and better for our planet.
Check labels carefully to see if products labeled organic really are organic – better still make your own natural beauty products using organic ingredients you have purchased yourself from a reputable source.

6. Feed Your Face
A natural skin care product is more likely to contain ingredients that actually ‘feed’ your skin vital nutrients, getting to the very core of what skin care should actually be.
Many high street products simply coat your skin with an artificial layer of additives, or they attack the skin in an aggressive way with a barrage of chemicals.

7. Healthier For Your Body And Mind
Studies suggest that artificial ingredients in some shop bought products can cause unpleasant side effects such as skin allergies, hormonal disturbances and even cancer.
While there are no definite links to back up these claims as yet – why take a risk? Natural products are far less likely to have any of the more serious side effects.

8. Social Responsibility
If you choose your skin care products carefully, or make your own from organic ingredients, you are contributing to a more socially responsible way of living. Organic products are produced without causing harm to the environment, animals or other people.

9. Traditional Wisdom
Men and women have been making their own health and beauty products since time began. And although some home-remedies from the past were found to be dangerous we can learn a great deal about natural health and skin care from our ancestors. Traditional wisdom has fallen out of favor in recent years with people enjoying and relying on the advances of science and technology, however many home remedies have value because of tried and tested use. Making use of knowledge from the past is vital part of achieving a more natural way of life.

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